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Why Choose BenzaRid?


With so many products on the market, we know it can be hard to find the right disinfectant for you. In case you need help deciding whether or not BenzaRid is right for your company, we wanted to give you a few reasons others have chosen BenzaRid over our competitors. 

Support Small Business: Nature's Innovation is a small American-made company located in the heart of Buford, Georgia. Our modest company is honored to employ 18 hardworking individuals to make the daily operations run smoothly! From manufacturing to production, marketing, and even shipping, it is a team effort to keep this essential business going so that we can bring this product to your homes and businesses, keeping you safe and healthy. During the pandemic, we have been exceedingly fortunate to be considered an essential business and provide our employees with a stable income and steady security during these unprecedented times. Our employees are the reason this company functions efficiently on a day-to-day basis. Still, thanks to people like you, we can continue not only to flourish but grow, learn, and adapt in these extraordinary times. We are so proud and humbled to be able to do what we do every single day, thanks to the support and love from our buyers. We are truly thankful for your help in our future growth and the ability to keep our company up and working even during such a stressful time as the COVID-19 pandemic.

EPA Registered and Certified: Our company cares as deeply about your health and safety as we do about the planet and our environment; that is why we are EPA-certified. An EPA certification means that the United States Environmental Protection Agency has carefully examined BenzaRid disinfectant and certified that this product is safe to use and meets the EPA standards to protect our environment. Here at Nature's Innovation, we are honored to be EPA-certified. We cherish our consumers, and we want to do our part to leave a smaller ECO footprint so that future generations can consume the same quality of the air we breathe, view the gorgeous landscape beneath our feet, and enjoy the same level of excellence in the quality water that we drink every day.

US EPA Registration #: 10324-85-88904

SKU: NBR1G UPC: 855822001366

Multi-Purpose and Safe to Use on EVERYTHING: 
Unlike other disinfectants on the market, BenzaRid is safe to use on virtually everything. BenzaRid disinfectant will not bleach your clothes; it is non-corrosive, and our product is safe on all surfaces, from your shoes to your countertops. This all-purpose Hospital-Grade disinfectant is the best thing to disinfect your car, workspace, clothes, and pretty much everything you can think of. Not to mention- it kills every nasty thing you can think of. Mites, mold, viruses, bacteria, mildew, germs, blood-borne pathogens—all of it. It truly is the #1 disinfectant for everything.

No Harsh Smells: Have you ever finished cleaning and sensed a nasty headache brewing or even felt nauseous from the harsh chemical smell of your cleaner? Did you know that prolonged exposure to those fumes by breathing them in can cause lung infections and certain cancers? Our bodies naturally react to these harsh smells as a defense. Our bodies know that these chemicals are toxic to us, and those reactions warn us of the impending danger. BenzaRid is one of the only Hospital-Grade cleaning solutions on the market that does not produce a harsh chemical smell, keeping you from that type of adverse bodily reaction. Most people who choose BenzaRid over other disinfectants do so to protect themselves, their employees, children, or pets from being exposed to these sickening toxins or the harmful effects that follow.

Honest Company: Here at Nature's Innovation, we pride ourselves on being an upfront and honest company. We work hard to keep you informed on exactly what you need, working with you to determine your needs and address what would work best for your situation. Our countless phenomenal customer service reviews demonstrate one of our most prized company qualities - we care. We not only treat you like our family; we consider you to be family. We produce high-quality products for first-rate results and offer a money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. We will work with you to ensure your health and results. It's just what we do.

See what people have to say about BenzaRid!


Feel safer

"I feel I am getting the house cleaner with BenzaRid. I like the fine spray. Using it on boxes that come in the mail because I have been ordering more things on the Internet. Love that it has no odor. Great product!" - Constance

BenzaRid Purchase

"I am very pleased with this product! It surpassed my expectations." - Kenneth


"I started using it with the COVID-19 pandemic. I like this product better than bleach or Lysol; it doesn't have the overpowering scent of either of those products and doesn't remove coloring from cloth." - Nicole

A Real Company that helps

"I ordered a gallon of BenzaRid to disinfect my home garage car and anything else to keep safe from the corona virus. Love the spray attachment since it delivers a wide spray. I live in California and called my brother in upstate NY to get a gallon as well... The service is great, and I think her name is Maggie on the phone and she was wonderful..." Gregg

Great Product - Look no Further

"Not only do the products work as advertised, but the BenzaRid is Amazing! Not only does it kill the mites dead, but my wash machine looks brand new!! The mold is gone! I'll be purchasing small spray bottles and putting the BenzaRid in them to take with me when staying in hotels so I can spray the bed and linens down as insurance before I sleep in them for sure!!!" - Angie


"I bought this product because it kills everything. It has No smell, which is important to me because Bleach has a smell which seems to get in my lungs and I taste and smell it for hours after I use it. This is a great alternative to Bleach. I have used it to clean any and every hard surface in the house. It is great on Wood, Stainless steel, plastic, and all hard surfaces. It has the ability to kill mites, MRSA, Staff, and other nasty things, which is important to me as I am now caring for my Mother who had Scabies and got an MRSA infection from them." – Belinda

Excellent Company

"Exactly what was needed to sanitize my equipment to keep clients safe." - Eric S.