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Hygiene Hijinks to Hygiene Hustler

All It Takes Is One

Let’s talk about my cleaning cabinet at home before I found BenzaRid. A little over a year ago, looking in that cabinet brought nothing but dread. The space was cluttered, and products were always falling out or falling over all of the time. Cleaning is already a necessary chore but trying to keep all of my cleaners sorted and organized just made this task even more frustrating. I have always been on the cleaner side, from the way that I was raised to it just being in my nature, but I was sick of lugging everything out of the cabinet every single time I needed to clean. When I found BenzaRid disinfectant, I was amazed by the range of products it cleaned and the natural strength of the solution. I was interested in learning more right away because I needed to make a change, but I was adamantly certain that I would not trade sterile and germ-free for fast and easy.

My affinity for cleanliness started young. Growing up, I lived in a household with what people would call a “clean freak.” My father is the picture-perfect image of a germaphobe, and he has been clinically diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD, for short.

Even as kids, my siblings and I were held to high expectations around the house. When it came to helping with the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, keeping our rooms tidy, and sanitizing the bathrooms, everything had a specific way that it needed to be done, every single time. We quickly learned that every job required a particular spray or sanitizer or wipe. I remember looking under the cabinet at a sea of cleaning supplies and thinking how it reminded me of the cleaning aisle of the grocery store, only more cluttered.

Through routine, practice, and discipline, these expectations and standards of cleanliness were instilled into me. Having a place of my own, I now hold myself and my household to a similar expectation of cleanliness. I found that I was spending way too much money on products and taking up so much storage space under my bathroom and kitchen sinks to house all my cleaners and disinfectants. I had everything that I hoped would keep my home clean and my family safe from the terrible reek of concentrated bleach to sanitizers with a fresh floral scent that made me wonder how “powerful” they really were. Streaky window cleaners to “tough on germs” bathroom cleaners. Cleaners specifically made for sinks, countertop wipes, powder to make the carpet smell fresh, tile cleaner, wood floor cleaner, furniture sprays, cans of disinfectant sprays: each product for a specific item in the house, and none of them were for multi-purpose use. I knew that I needed to make an adjustment, but I wasn’t sure where to turn or what would be right for my family.

When I started working for Nature’s Innovation and BenzaRid disinfectant, I was introduced to the power of the all-in-one product. This hospital-grade disinfectant is EPA-registered and kills mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, fungus, micro-organisms, and germs of all kinds. After spot testing the solution on different surfaces around the house, I began to confidently use it on furniture, floors, walls, handheld items, and high traffic areas all over the house. This one solution has completely replaced almost everything in my cleaning cabinet!

I love that the disinfectant is a craftly made solution that is odor-free, so no more dealing with the harsh chemical smells from a multitude of cleaning products and struggling with nausea and headaches afterward. I rest easy knowing that I can clean and disinfect around my pets and family because this product is safe within minutes of spraying. Finally, no more herding everyone out of the house so I can clean! Not only am I more confident that all the surfaces in my home are completely disinfected but gone away are the days that I have to worry about staining my clothes while cleaning or specifically wearing old ratty clothes to prevent ruining some of my favorite items. It blows my mind to know that one product could be such a game-changer in my cleaning career, and I am thankful everyday for the day when I made the switch to this microbe mercenary.

BenzaRid was first registered with the EPA in 2012 and is a proud member of the EPA list N which certifies it kills the Human Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) when used correctly according to directions found on the label. Not only has it been tested and proved to kill Covid-19, here’s a list of other things it has been tested and proved to kill:

  • MRSA
  • Fungus
  • Mildew
  • Mold
  • H1N1
  • H5N1 Bird Flu
  • Black Mold
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • HSV 1 & 2

Give everyone peace of mind and security in the disinfection realm by cleaning my home, car, and office space, and business with one of the best disinfectants in the business.

Declutter your product shelf and make room for just one - BenzaRid.